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Fall in Love with Your Clients All Over Again

Today is not only Tie-in Tuesday, it’s also Valentine’s Day. The internet is full of advice on keeping love alive in your relationship, and that same advice also “ties in” to creating lasting client/customer relationships. Take this article for instance. It starts by saying “relationships don’t...


Open Your Calendar. It’s Time to Get 2017 Started.

Your inbox has probably been flooded the past week or two with 2017 trends, industry forecasts and the like. Instead of getting distracted by the shiny and new, I thought now would be a good time to take stock of the basics. And I’ll keep...

steve - what you pay for

You Get What You Pay For

My impression of Men’s Wearhouse is a place that carries good quality clothes at a premium price. I don’t shop there often as I’d be in the poor house, but I do own four suits, including the tie I’m wearing today. Suffice to say this...

uncommon tie in tuesday

Become Uncommon by Doing the Unexpected

Today is Tie-in Tuesday at LePoidevin, so I needed to wear a tie. But instead of grabbing my usual v-neck sweater, today I wore a fun Todd Snyder sweatshirt I got for Christmas…and it worked. Today’s advice is this. Instead of gravitating to what’s predictable, think...


Tie Marketing to Bold, New Ideas

Last week my colleague Mike and I were talking about the number of ties we have that rarely get worn anymore. Truth be told, we hardly wear ties at all. Our business casual practices have morphed into polos, dress shirts and sweaters – and in...

You Can’t Build A Solid Marketing Plan on Shaky Internal Communications

  Have you heard from your employees lately? Have they heard from you? Your internal communications strategy—or lack of—reverberates through your entire company.   The right information. Too much information and your employees will give up trying to figure out what’s important and ignore it all. Too little forces...

content marketing

Content Marketing: Should Your Content Be Free?

The rise of “content marketing” has generated an overwhelming amount of content. So much so that you may be tempted to take the road less traveled and ignore it. But the reality is that in today’s connected digital world, good content generates interest and leads.   People...

B2B Brands

Developing Exciting Content for B2B Brands

Our clients, like most B2B brands, are never going to air a Super Bowl commercial, inspire a trending Buzzfeed listicle, or end up on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. And we’re okay with that. Someone has to catch flies, take x-rays and fill our cereal boxes—and...

Breaking Bad Grammar Rules

A lot of grammar rules have gone out the window. Not because we’re lazy writers, but because a lot of the rules previous generations grew up with were really preferences of people who happened to write grammar textbooks and were overly-fond of Latin. Instead of...