12 social media predictions for 2012…I like No. 3

12 social media predictions for 2012…I like No. 3

The website socialmediab2b.com lists its 12 B2B social media predictions for 2012. No. 3 on the list: social media lead generation taken seriously – is a prediction that I like. It contends that more companies will launch programs to generate leads through their social media campaigns, and that the results will make it easier for C-Suite executives to take social media more seriously. I fully agree with that prediction, but it’s a year too late.

We’ve been managing a Facebook campaign with one of our B2B clients for the past 18 months. Our goal was to make the page a destination for people to visit time and again by giving them not only product information, but industry-related news and links that are relevant to their profession. That strategy seems to be working as more than 3,100 fans now follow our client online; less than 10 were following them when we began.

Although fans are nice – getting them motivated to take action is better, and the Facebook campaign is doing just that. Earlier this year our client reported that its Facebook page was now the No. 1 referral source of people to its website. People are finding them on Facebook, the content is piquing their interest, and driving them to their website for more information – and that’s generating leads. Of course some of these people would have found our client through other marketing efforts, but the proof is the majority are now finding them via social media.  A properly managed social media campaign can deliver results, and that’s not a prediction, that’s fact.

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