Ad Blocking and the 2016 Consumer

2016 consumer ad blocking

Ad Blocking and the 2016 Consumer

To be an advertiser or internet user in 2016 means ad-blocking is, in some way or another, on your radar. Maybe you’ve got an ad-blocking app installed. Or maybe blinking, popping (and likely irrelevant) online ads are bugging you bonkers and making you wish you did.


Because of ad blocking, many online ad channels are nearly extinct. That may offer consumers peace of mind, but it’s a source of constant stress for publishers.


As of 2015, ad blocking was estimated to have cost publishers nearly $22 billion. According to a PageFair report, “As of March 2016, an estimated 408 million people are actively using mobile ad blocking browsers.”


Ad blocking is a direct result of ignoring the consumer. Now the tables have turned, and ad blocking is allowing consumers to ignore the advertiser. What this should tell publishers and advertisers is that people are exhausted with conventional online advertising.


With new technologies like ad blockers forcing transparency within the digital world, consumers are demanding better options. To digitally reach the 2016 consumer, online advertising must be smart, intentional and creative.


Advertising your brand effectively means advertising your brand in a way your target audience is willing to receive that information. Customers want what everyone wants—a choice.


The changing advertising landscape and transparency of the digital world means finding the perfect marketing cocktail takes time, hard work and extensive research. And that means working with marketers who understand both your business needs and the changing needs of today’s consumer.


LePoidevin Marketing’s expert capabilities can help you develop a personalized solution that meets your marketing and business goals as even the advertising landscape shifts. Learn more about our work, then contact us to get started.

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