Case Study: Dorner Road Trip!

Cast Study of the Month: Dorner Road Trip

Case Study: Dorner Road Trip!

We’re in the mood for a road trip! So for our first Case Study of the Month, we decided to travel back to 2013 when the LePodevin team (well, one of us) hit the road in support of one of our material handling clients.

Dorner Conveyors designs and manufactures custom conveyor systems for a range of applications: not just getting product from point A to point B, but precision, clean room and a lot more. Their newest product, the 1100 Series, was a miniature conveyor perfect for the pharmaceutical, medical and life science industries. It was our job to generate pre-launch publicity and awareness in the trade press.

Since part of the appeal of the 1100 Series was its ability to fit into small spaces, we thought, why not take it on the road? After all, a road is just a giant conveyor belt in a way, isn’t it?

Dorner Conveyor's John Kuhnz and the Dorner 1100 Series

Dorner’s John Kuhnz and the 1100 Series visit trade magazine editors.

On the Move

Instead of inviting editors to Dorner—an invitation they could easily pass up—we decided to bring Dorner to them. We packed up the 1100 Series model and visited four key material handling publications: Design World, Machine Design, New Equipment Digest and Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.

Destination: Results

Since we already had relationships with editors at these publications, they welcomed our visit. They also appreciated the effort Dorner took to demonstrate the capabilities of the 1100 Series in person. Dorner was rewarded with several placements, including Machine Design and a five-page spread in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.



Erin Christman
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