9/11…and social media

9/11…and social media

I came across an interesting blog on Ragan’s PR Daily that asked the question, how would social media have affected coverage of 9/11?  Would it have saved lives? Would it have provided a more detailed account of events occurring inside the World Trade Center and onboard the hijacked aircraft? I think the answer is yes to both questions.

Trapped people in the Twin Towers could have used platforms like Twitter and Facebook to help guide rescue workers to their location, and passengers could have relayed information about the hijackings to authorities on the ground.

Social media gives us information and provides details that can’t be readily erased. It almost serves as an historical record. For an event with such significance like 9/11, I think the more information, details, accounts, photos and memories we have is a good thing. People don’t need to dwell on 9/11, but people certainly need to remember what was done to us that day. And social media would have helped us do that.

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