A case study in waffles

A case study in waffles

Who doesn’t love waffles? Right, everyone does. And bet you didn’t know that the top 10 frozen waffle vendors sold nearly $500 million in product last year?

We just finished up a case study in which a major waffle manufacturer renovated their facilities and upgraded their equipment by using our client’s conveyors on a new freezer line.  

The key to writing an effective case study is to clearly identify an issue that the end user is having, and how your product came in and saved the day. These stories typically follow a problem/solution/result format. By their very nature case studies can be a bit promotional as you do need to talk about a product and the solution it provided, but remember to keep the adjectives and glowing reviews to a minimum.

Strong photography or video is also a must. Photos or footage of the product in action will best help the case study come to life, and many media outlets are now using streaming video on their websites as another way to highlight these stories. 

Following these tips will make your case study memorable to readers and appealing to editors.

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