Advice for PR newbies

Advice for PR newbies

An article on Ragan’s PR Daily titled 7 Essential Tips for PR Newbies, asked PR pros what advice they would give to a person launching their career in public relations.

The wisdom that struck a chord with me was from Andrew Worob, who said, don’t ever get complacent. That’s so true when it comes to PR. It’s great when your proactive media relations pay off in a four-page spread or lands a cover story. Clients love that kind of exposure and it goes a long way toward validating your value to them.

But memories can be short lived. If you land your client on the cover, they’ll want…and expect…another. And that’s not a bad thing. You should strive to land cover stories and other high-profile placements. That’s your job, and that’s what they expect you to do. Set the bar high for yourself, and keep pushing the envelope. That’s my advice for PR newbies – in case anyone asks.

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