Announcing Our New Blog Series to Boost Your B2B Marketing

15 Ways to Build Your Brand in 2015 Blog Series

Announcing Our New Blog Series to Boost Your B2B Marketing

What are your goals for your brand in 2015? Whether you made some strict New Year’s resolutions or have found yourself a bit behind in getting organized for the year, we can help. LePoidevin’s Merge blog is excited to launch our first blog series of 2015, 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015. 15 Ways is the first of several series we’ll share this year that will inspire, motivate, and energize your B2B marketing this year.

Written by our diverse team of marketing heroes, each 15 Ways blog post will offer creative and unique perspectives on putting PR and marketing tactics to practical use to strengthen your brand. Rely on the blog series to clear the clutter and provide actionable insights on the latest B2B marketing trends, research, and strategies – and how they can work for you. Topics include:

Build internal brand advocates

– Focus on social media

– Conduct market research

And much more!

Make this the year you make your mark! Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive the latest posts, and leave your comments to let us know how you’re building your brand in 2015!

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