B2B and Facebook—do we still have something there?

B2B and Facebook—do we still have something there?

B2B and Facebook—do we still have something there? Do you get the feeling that Facebook just isn’t the platform to market on? I’ve been questioning myself this quite often lately—not just when it comes to B2B—but also for B2C. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m starting to think this marriage is unraveling.

Think about all of the various brand pages you follow. Restaurants, manufacturers, technology developers, etc. Now… how many actually show up in your newsfeed? Four? Five? Okay, so this number really depends on your interaction with their posts in your feed, but ultimately—not many. I decided to do a little investigating on my own account the other day. I looked through all of the pages I was following. What I found—I can’t remember the last time I saw a post from 95% of my list.

When I moved to downtown Milwaukee a few years ago, my priorities were focused on entertainment. I looked up every bar, restaurant, night club and museum within walking distance of my loft. I wanted to know what was happening in my neighborhood every night; which restaurants were offering a new signature dish and who had the best drink special for the day.

Fast forward a year and half later: I’m living in Kenosha, not worried about night life or something to do after work. And… I no longer see posts from those 20 plus pages I had once followed so closely over a year ago.

Looking at this giant list of more than 80 pages I “follow,” of which I currently only see about 7: news coverage, weightlifting memes and cats. Clearly they all make sense… it’s what I am interested in most.

But where’s the other 70+ I follow?

Out of sight. Hidden. Waiting with bated breath for me to search within the task bar for ‘Oak Nightclub’ or ‘Bar Louie’—places I had once frequented weekly, but no longer.

My point… if you’re offering the latest and greatest $5-million-dollar machine—do you really think your followers are going to interact with your page often after their purchase? Maybe? Maybe not?

So here it is… if you aren’t sponsoring (paying Facebook) your posts, odds are: they are NOT being seen.

Go ahead. Login to your analytics on Facebook. Check out your reach. Are you producing great results or are your numbers dwindling? It’s time to reevaluate your strategy when it comes to Facebook—unless you’re ready to dish out the dollars to ensure your posts are seen.

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