B2B Marketing: A New Challenge Every Day

The Constant Challenge of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing: A New Challenge Every Day

The other day I was driving my seven-year-old son to day camp and we were having our daily morning chat about what’s churning in his mind. Some days he’s asking how clouds are made, while other days he’s asking if he can take archery.

On this particular day, he wanted to know more about what I did during my day. He asked, “Mommy, do you still learn at your job?”

When you’re on day three of your weekly routine of routing projects, finishing billing, and writing marketing plans, it’s tempting to automatically answer “nope.” But since I was answering an inquisitive seven-year-old boy, I sat back and thought about my answer.

The truth is, I learn something new every day. From how to market a client’s product into the crowded technology market to a new social media tactic that will work for one client but not for another.

B2B marketing is a uniquely stimulating industry where you never stop learning. Every day offers a new and interesting challenge. I love not knowing what I’m coming into some days. Ok, most days. Trying to find a solution to any of the problems our clients face is rewarding and something I can proudly talk about with my son during our morning chats.

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