Back in black

Back in black

I pay way more attention to brands and ads now that I work for a marketing firm. So my ears perked up the other day when, while listening to my favorite radio program, the topic of branding came up. The host cited an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Packaging Noir: Shampoo, Beer, Gelato All Wear Black” by Suzanne Vranica, which discusses the use of the color black to evoke a classic, upscale feel.

According to Suzanne’s article the use of black subtly conveys “premium” which is what consumers are looking for in a down economy. It’s also eye-catching among the waves of color that line the shelves.

As I thought about this I realized that it works on me. From expensive looking jars of black label preserves with fancy gold lettering to sleek detergent bottles that will look fabulous in my laundry room, I have fallen prey to the use of black marketing.

Pay attention next time you’re struggling between Brand X and Brand Y.  How does the use of color affect your buying decisions?

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