Become Uncommon by Doing the Unexpected

uncommon tie in tuesday

Become Uncommon by Doing the Unexpected

Today is Tie-in Tuesday at LePoidevin, so I needed to wear a tie. But instead of grabbing my usual v-neck sweater, today I wore a fun Todd Snyder sweatshirt I got for Christmas…and it worked.

mike - uncommon blogToday’s advice is this. Instead of gravitating to what’s predictable, think about how a new point of view could change the outcome. I’m not advising that you become gimmicky or go off brand, but I am advising that you think about jumping the tracks every once and a while.


Here’s a great example. I love socks, and one of my favorite brands is Stance. Their tagline is “The Uncommon Thread,” and it shows in their products and marketing. In addition to their expected selection, you can also purchase socks that are purposely mismatched. Right now, you can buy a pair titled DISTURBANCE. One sock is Kylo Ren and the other is a Storm Trooper.


If you stay true to your core message, you can go against what your customers would normally expect, and they may see your product or brand in a whole new way. A surprise will get their attention, but it’s still crucial to have relevant content to keep their attention. When you break the expected messaging pattern, you create new possibilities for telling your brand’s story.

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