BFF – brand friend forever

BFF – brand friend forever

With the world literally at our fingertips these days, consumers are free to make highly educated decisions about the products we purchase. The power of social media allows us to interact with brands like never before. Brands have almost limitless possibilities to make connections with us and we can tell them instantly whether we like them or we don’t.  

I saw an ad on TV recently that featured a young woman delighting in her positive pregnancy test. After sharing the news with her mate, the consensus between the two of them was – now what? That’s when the voiceover suggests they visit the “Huggies Mommy Answers” website. This is a brilliant move on the part of Kimberly-Clark Corporation which recently retooled its Huggies site as part of an effort to befriend a woman as soon as she gets pregnant.  As Huggies takes the journey with mom-to-be, a very real friendship develops and nine months later, a customer is born – pun intended.

Savvy advertisers are targeting consumers and becoming our friends before we even know that we’d like to buy something from them.  This idea translates to B2B marketing as well. After all, a business is a collection of people, a.k.a. consumers working towards a common goal. As you enter your next marketing initiative consider how you can befriend your customers and create lifelong brand loyalty.

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