Brainstorming certification

Brainstorming certification

We’ve all been through brainstorming sessions. Some have been productive, others a waste of valuable time. Whether attempting to come up with a new product name, or trying to solve a marketing challenge, real brainstorming can be an excellent way to gather the team and generate valuable ideas.

I recently attended a workshop through which I became certified in brainstorming. Yes, really.  And believe me, this time-tested and proven process will change your perception of how, when and why to brainstorm.

In short, the process successfully pushed participants to quickly come up with new and inventive ideas…then push them aside, in an effort to delve even deeper into the brainstorming process. The end result is a listing of ideas that will directly address the challenge at hand, and motivate your team along the way.

Check out and let me know if you have any questions.

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