Brand Ambassadors Are Closer Than You Think

Build Brand Advocates

Brand Ambassadors Are Closer Than You Think

By Angie Mork for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

Marketing 101 dictates that our number one initiative is building awareness for a customer’s brand externally. But as strategies and plans are developed, we often overlook one of the most critical audiences: employees. Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates. Why? It’s simple. They live and breathe your products and services every day. Who better to add authenticity then those that can speak genuinely about your offerings?
If your employees don’t believe in your brand promise, why should anyone out in the industry? Companies need to make sure their employees are not only educated about the brand image, message and promise but also that those employees have a reason to believe in it and want to talk about it. Here are five reasons why to engage your internal team on your marketing strategy:

1. They’re consumers, too. Their opinions are already fully formed and ready for you to dig into.

2. They are in the trenches. Employees are charged with making the delivery of a great product or service. Investing in their knowledge will pay off.

3. If you sell the message to them, they’ll sell it for you. You need to convert your employees before you can expect to win over your external customers. If successful, you’ll gain genuine, loyal ambassadors for your brand.

4. It humanizes your brand. Using employees rather than the CEO makes your message instantly less “pitchy” or sales driven. Customers are more likely to trust people they can relate to — people like them.

5. You might be surprised at the results. Tapping your talent for their creative input could produce a sea of duds, but it is also likely yield some solid, workable concepts that fit your brand.

Building an internal brand-centric culture as part of a comprehensive strategy can lead to increased customer-focused actions and stronger bottom-line results. What are you (or your employer) doing to develop the relationship between employees and the brand?

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