Brewers brand hits a grand slam

Brewers brand hits a grand slam

Now that baseball season has arrived, I am reminded of my annual amazement at the outstanding job the Milwaukee Brewers have done over the past few years to revive the Brewers brand and make it relevant and popular. Obviously, acquiring and developing better players and winning a few games helps, but given that the Brewers have only made the post season twice in the last few years, there is more to their success than games won.

When Mark Attanasio took over as president of the Brewers, the organization set upon re-defining itself. Rather than considering the Brewers in competition with other sporting events, they defined themselves more broadly as family entertainment, competing for our discretionary spending with activities such as movies, concerts and fun parks. With continuous promotions, features and attractions, Miller Park became the place to go for a guaranteed good time. And by introducing something new every year, the Brewers and Miller Park remain fresh and attractive. The Brewers are a great example of avoiding complacency with your brand.

I don’t know if all this will lead to a World Series, but for me the Brewers have hit a marketing grand slam!

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