Build muscle in your industry

Build muscle in your industry

I love to work out. In fact, I’m kind of a freak about it. My goal is to have a very diverse workout routine for three reasons:
1) It prevents me from getting bored
2) It keeps my body “guessing”
3) It ensures I’m constantly using new muscle groups so that I can see results for my efforts.

So, on an average week, I will box, spin, run, lift weights, do yoga, Pilates and sometimes even swim.  I may even incorporate a combo of these each day.  Like I said, I work out. A lot.

Any fitness coach or trainer will recommend that in order for you to earn the maximum benefits for your investment, you need variety incorporated into your fitness plan.  If you only did one exercise, your muscles would fall into a routine, after a while nothing would change and it wouldn’t be a successful plan.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Come up with different exercises or “movements” to get the most success for your time. Why wouldn’t the same be true for your marketing efforts? It incorporates the same principle: use different facets to create effective exposure or awareness. A successful marketing strategy consists of qualitative research, advertising, public relations, social media, direct marketing and even cause-related marketing.  It can target different audiences, different “groups” and it aids in an overall growth.  It will keep your audience from getting bored and in turn, build muscle in your industry.

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