Changing with the times

Changing with the times

As I’ve mentioned – I like to work out…a lot. The warmer Midwest months are race season for me – and that means there are 5Ks, triathlons and endurance races in abundance on my calendar.  It’s often overwhelming to know what to register for as on any given weekend, there could be five races to choose from just in the Milwaukee area alone.

So how did I narrow it down? This year, I picked races that differentiated themselves. I decided on the ones that marketed themselves a bit out of the norm and went that extra mile to make your experience just a little bit more fun. And heck, I’m a marketer, so I was sucked in by the abundance of social media that urged me to sign up for them. So, I did all the “trendy” runs of 2012 – the Warrior Dash, two Color Runs and the Glo Run.

Marketing Principle 101? When you’re in a crowded market – make sure you create a distinctive niche in the field and make sure your brand is known through a variety of channels. It worked on me – and I guarantee it will work for others.

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