Clarke vs. Piers – winning a hostile interview

Clarke vs. Piers – winning a hostile interview

Chances are you didn’t see Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Piers Morgan Tonight last night, as virtually nobody watches Piers Morgan these days. But if by chance you did, you saw Clarke follow his media training perfectly, specifically by maintaining his composure and not taking the bait laid out by Morgan.

Throughout the interview Morgan kept prodding Clarke, trying to put words in his mouth and constantly talking over him. To his credit, Clarke stayed on message and tried to explain his position calmly with back-and-forth dialogue, but doing that with Morgan these days is a challenge in itself. To me, Morgan comes off as arrogant as he really had no intention of debating the issue of what Clarke actually said in the public service announcement. Rather, he accused Clarke of sensationalizing the ad by using a Hollywood voice to scare people, interrupting him and pushing his anti-gun agenda.

From a performance standpoint, how do you think Clarke did dealing with this hostile interviewer? What do you think about Morgan’s performance and his style of questioning?

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