Deliver on your promise

Deliver on your promise

Yesterday, we gathered the staff over the lunch hour for a webinar that we believed to be a beneficial discussion on social media, but ended up turning it off after 10 minutes.

Why, you ask?

First, relevant content. We thought the topic was supposed to be on social media and how to get high impact results. However, the webinar turned into a sales pitch for the host company’s software. It failed to give us any new insight or strategies on furthering the use of social media.

Secondly, poor production values and connectivity: the webinar started late and the sound was very poor with lots of echoing and volume changes. Instead of us watching the presentation, we were constantly asking each other “what did they say?” This is where rehearsing or doing a run-through ahead of time would’ve helped to eliminate tardiness and address any technical difficulties.

Instead of becoming interested in the solutions provided by the software, we were actually turned off because we felt duped.  Worse, we will probably not consider it when a need arises.  If the host had been up-front and promoted the webinar as a software-based solution to a given problem – global connectivity via a social solution – we may have listened more intently and left with a favorable impression.

In the end, when you’re trying to engage your target audience via a webinar (or any form of communication), be sure to deliver on what you promised. Otherwise, you’ll end up like us – turning off the webinar and everyone leaving the room disappointed.

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