We’re putting the finishing touches on a dinner this Monday night in Chicago on behalf of our client exhibiting at Pack Expo. The dinner isn’t for their customers, distributors or even their sales staff – it’s for the trade press.

The Tech Writers Dinner is our client’s way of thanking members of the B2B trade press for their continued support in the past year. Media relations is a key component of their PR campaign, and what better way to thank them for their coverage than by breaking bread together.

We have organized our client’s Tech Writers Dinner coinciding with Pack Expo for the past several years. The event gives them an opportunity to further the professional relationships with the trade press, while sharing stories and talking about where the industry is heading. There’s no selling of any products or pitching story ideas, just colleagues and friends coming together for a nice relaxing evening.

As a former reporter I know firsthand that writers and editors often don’t get thanked or acknowledged for their work throughout the year. At least for one night – it’s nice to be able to do that.

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