Does digital presence equal low brand exclusivity?

Does digital presence equal low brand exclusivity?

My answer to this is no. AdWeek Magazine published an in-depth article this week deciphering the issue of whether or not luxury brands are becoming watered down, so-to-say, by their ever-growing digital presence.

As an admirer of fashion’s most-exclusive brands, I can honestly say that it is, and always will be, a matter of price point which causes brand exclusivity.  I could only dream of the day where the more images I saw of Christian Louboutin shoes or Chanel bags, the more of them I could afford to have and strut around in amidst my middle class lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is not the case and no matter how many Vogue magazines I buy or fall and spring collections I watch via online video, it still has not changed the fact that I do not yet own the red-soled pumps or the white, quilted Chanel bag.

Do I believe that moving further into the digital abyss is a positive for luxury brands? Those that purchase these couture pieces are online, possibly even more so with access to an abundance of best-in-class technology. I will say that efforts put forth in their digital endeavors definitely need to uphold the brand equity that exclusive designers have fought so hard to establish.  And in marketing efforts, this is not new. The look and the feel of couture fashion is the heart of these designer brands and should be carried through all advertising, public relations as well as online and social media outlets. Let’s face it – whether it’s me or Sarah Jessica Parker viewing an ad in any type of medium, we should both understand what that brand is trying to portray.

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