Fall in Love with Your Clients All Over Again


Fall in Love with Your Clients All Over Again

Tie in Tuesday Blog MikeToday is not only Tie-in Tuesday, it’s also Valentine’s Day. The internet is full of advice on keeping love alive in your relationship, and that same advice also “ties in” to creating lasting client/customer relationships.

Take this article for instance. It starts by saying “relationships don’t look like they used to,” and that’s equally true in business. Attitudes, norms, and expectations have changed a lot over the last decade. To make a relationship work, whether it’s professional or romantic, our actions, words, and thoughts make the difference.


I’m fully aware that some of the advice given by this article IS NOT APPLICABLE for client/customer relationships, but most of what the experts say applies 100%.


Do something daily to show your appreciation. Small gestures to a client or customer show you’re paying attention.

Never take your partner for granted. Everyone has a breaking point, and if their needs aren’t being met, they will eventually move on.

It’s not what you fight about, it’s how you fight. We all have disagreements, even with our best customers. It’s easy to become critical or defensive, but if you find where your goals overlap into a shared common goal, you can work from there to find a solution.

Look for someone with similar values. Finding shared values can help you create a better understanding of each other’s needs. Building a strong, personal connection is the key to any lasting relationship.

Try a nicer approach. How a problem is brought up will determine how the rest of the conversation will go. It may even determine how the rest of the relationship goes.

Make sure you’re meeting your partner’s needs. Do you know what’s keeping your clients up at night? Do you know what challenges they’re trying to overcome? How about their biggest wish for this year?

Take care of yourself. Our clients and customers rely on us for counsel and support. Taking care of our bodies and minds makes us a better resource emotionally, financially, organizationally and interactively.

Identify “good conflicts” and work on them together. Don’t ignore or run from problems, identify them with your customer and commit to working with each other to find a mutually beneficial resolution.

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