Fourteen going on fifteen

Fourteen going on fifteen

Every year at about this time I’m reminded of one of the many joys of leading a small business: the marking of another year of ownership. 

To some, it may signal a milestone in longevity.  To me, it’s a reminder of where we and I have been, and where we have yet to grow.  I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished since 1997, but get excited when pondering what’s just around the corner and the years to come.

While chronologically we’re in our “teens,” in reality we are a mature company and benefit from having gained wisdom beyond our years.  Thankfully, in this ever-changing industry and business climate, there is much more to learn.

As we approach the mid-point of our second decade we remain focused on the here and how – the satisfaction of helping solve client marketing challenges – while staying on top of the new tools at our disposal and the strategies needed to communicate more effectively with our many audiences.

So the good news is we’ll soon celebrate another business anniversary.  The exciting news is we’re just getting started.

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