Get organized for Pete’s sake

Get organized for Pete’s sake

Our agency recently started a new relationship with a client. As part of the transition process, I now receive various calls from their ad reps inquiring about next steps and wanting to submit proposals for advertising opportunities. One such rep left a voicemail and I later returned his phone call. We had a nice conversation. He then sent me some materials via e-mail.

Now let’s fast forward to today. I get an e-mail from this rep. Here’s an excerpt, “I am going nuts trying to find the note I sent you probably late March, early April … Can you track it down?”

I guess he expects me to take time out of my busy day to track down his materials and in essence, do his job. This doesn’t sit well with me. For one, I don’t know him very well, actually I don’t know him at all besides the one phone conversation we had. Pretty presumptuous of him to send such a request to someone he just met. This hasn’t left me with a good first impression. Second, I shouldn’t have to track down these materials (by the way, the materials he’s asking for aren’t even from late March, early April. They’re from late April and I’m posting this in the first week of May). Wow, if he can’t find a simple document how is he going to manage our client’s account?

I don’t think I should help him, but I will.  I have to. He wants those documents to forward to my client, which my client will find helpful. At the end of the day, it’s about helping my client. And because of that reason I will oblige…oh, and the simple fact that I am a pretty nice person after all. Nonetheless, this little request leaves me annoyed. All I can hope for is that this ad rep doesn’t make this a recurring issue and that ‘Pete’ gets organized…for Pete’s sake!

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