Go team!

Go team!

I just finished up back-to-back focus group meetings in Toronto and New York City, and have two more coming up in San Francisco and London in the coming weeks. I love getting the chance to get in front of our clients’ audiences to get their firsthand insights into products and what’s important to them. This has been a fun and productive trip.

What helps make these focus group trips successful are the organizations we work with to recruit participants and host the meetings. These groups are an important extension of our team and do a wonderful job ensuring that the table is full of eager, qualified participants for me to talk to. If someone can’t make it, they scramble to replace that participant. These focus group facilities also are extremely skilled at making everyone very comfortable and have everything they need, from the participants, to our client observers and me as well. This allows us to focus on what we are there to do: gain valuable market intelligence.

Thanks to all my new friends at Head Quarters Uptown in Toronto and Consumer Centers in New York City. You handled the details flawlessly and made my life easier!

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