Going to need an official ruling

Going to need an official ruling

If you even causally follow baseball, you know the Brewers were a big deal in Milwaukee this year. “Beast Mode” was in full effect. Here at the agency, one discussion about our beloved team spawned an interesting question. The Brewers have all sorts of uniform versions in a variety of colors and styles (I want all of them, but that’s another conversation).

Color choices can have a wide range of implications. We look at the intrinsic meanings of color when building logos and other brand identity. We make recommendations to our clients to help convey specific traits and feelings. We know some organizations have worked to “own” colors. UPS’s what can brown do for you comes to mind.

Here’s the question: When professional sports teams release branded apparel that is not done in their primary brand colors – things like all black jerseys or pink versions – does it weaken their brand?

What do you think? Give me examples of brands (like the UPS example) where color made a significant impact and some where it didn’t make any difference.

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