Have a ball.

Have a ball.

Sitting on a stability ball, instead of an office chair, can be an effective way to combat sitting disease. You’ll recruit more of your muscles to maintain your balance. This increased muscle engagement can strengthen your core muscles and even increase your caloric burn.

Stability Ball at Desk

Don’t feel like you need to use the stability ball as your sole sitting surface. Start slow, and use it for short periods of time throughout the day. At first, the ball may feel unstable and the lack of arm rests can strain your neck and shoulders. Begin by sitting on the stability ball for a few minutes out of the hour, and then gradually increase the time you spend.

Earn bonus points! You can find stability balls on line and in big box stores for as little as $20. They come in a variety of sizes, so choose a ball that fits your height.

If you’re:
4’11” and 5’4” — select a ball that is 55 cm in diameter
5’5” and 5’11” — select a ball that is 65 cm in diameter
Over 6’ tall   — select a ball that is 75 cm in diameter

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