How’s Your PACK EXPO PR Coming Along?

How’s Your PACK EXPO PR Coming Along?

Who’s ready for PACK EXPO?! Guessing some of you didn’t raise their hands, including myself. That’s because I always feel like the Las Vegas edition of PACK EXPO sneaks up on me (shaving five weeks off between the Chicago and Las Vegas shows probably has something to do with it).

Nonetheless, PACK EXPO Las Vegas is less than three months away – time to suit up and get cracking on your public relations.

Press Release

First thing you need to do is write a press release highlighting what you’ll be exhibiting at the show. Many industry publications devote their September issues to PACK EXPO, so this is a great opportunity to gain some publicity for your company’s involvement at the show. The catch is, these publications are already gathering information and mapping out their September issues. So, you don’t have much time. Write your press release and submit it; don’t miss out on this valuable free PR for your company.

Media List

Once you have your press release ready to roll, send it to the list of pre-registered media attending PACK EXPO. This list can be obtained from PMMI. Although they may not have a complete media list for this year’s show right now, asking for last year’s listing of media will suffice. Even your own packaging-focused media list that you use to distribute press releases throughout the year will work. All those folks will be attending PACK EXPO. The key is making sure your release gets into their hands for consideration in their PACK EXPO show issues.

Booth Visits

About six weeks prior to PACK EXPO, reach out to the trade press and invite them to your booth. Trade show booth visits serve two main purposes: first, to generate awareness. These visits are great relationship builders as they connect you with the media. Second, booth visits earn coverage. What a better way to discuss story ideas and future editorial opportunities than face-to-face with an editor, especially with product available to showcase. Remember to also invite media advertising representatives, as you can learn how both print and electronic advertising opportunities can help reach your sales goals.

Using PR is a great way to further your company’s brand awareness at PACK EXPO, but you have a short window of opportunity to make that happen. Get going on your PR now before that window closes for the year.






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