Hyster, you should be mad

Hyster, you should be mad

You’ve reserved the space and paid a decent amount of money to run your ad. A few weeks later the magazine comes out, and all its readers see your impactful, full-page advertisement. But wait. Your eyes are drawn to the opposite page almost immediately, where you find your competitor. You expected the “Lift Truck Tips” column to be there, however the blow comes when there’s a photo, of significant size, combined with content that is dominated by your competitor.

Check out the April issue of Modern Materials Handling and that’s what you’ll find – Hyster versus Toyota. Competition is good. However, when you’ve paid for media space, only to be clearly overshadowed by competitive editorial, it’s tough. It wouldn’t be such an issue for me had the editorial covered other manufacturers. In this case, the result is Toyota editorial versus a Hyster paid ad. Who wins? From an editorial standpoint, this is great news for Toyota; from a paid media standpoint, not so good for Hyster. If I were Hyster, I’d be mad as even a makegood won’t repair the damage done.

Here’s the spread. What do you think?



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