I’ll have the (un)usual

I’ll have the (un)usual

For the past 5+ years I have been meeting two of my good friends most Fridays for a Classic Milwaukee Breakfast at George Webb — a great start to the weekend as we all fuel up with copious amounts of caffeine and “smart” dialog. Sounds innocent enough, right?

This morning my good friend, Mr. “Eggs over-easy and hash browns crisp-ehhhhy,” slides into the booth and announces that he has some shocking news: today he is ordering … blueberry pancakes. Following suit, his wife produces a coupon from her collection and reveals that she is craving a double cheeseburger with grilled onions, pickles and a side of fries (and the FREE second burger to go for lunch later is an added bonus). Expect the unexpected. This is what I am talking about.

This morning’s simple breakfast encounter reminded me again why I enjoy being creative. I look at life a bit differently than the average person, always have. Every day offers new challenges and new opportunities to see what’s out there and what lies within. Big ideas come from eyes and ears wide open and the opportunity to ask the simple “what if?” questions.  A hunger for knowledge and experience helps fuel the ride. I invite you to join me, come on in. Try it — you’ll like it. Really, I promise. Just a bite (reminds me of selling my kids on the appeal of Brussels sprouts, but that may be another blog topic).

Far too often we find ourselves taking comfort in doing things the way they have always been done, living our own personal Groundhog Day, day after day after … you get the idea. New ideas come from thinking differently and growth is the result of challenging ourselves to do things that may make us a bit uncomfortable at first. Embrace it. Know no limits. Just do it.TM Order off the menu. Taste life.                             

I’ll have mine with a side of (________) please.


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