I’m guessing Paul didn’t say this

I’m guessing Paul didn’t say this

A friend of mine in the local media sent me a press release announcing a new partnership between three firms. And in following standard protocol the release contains a quote from leadership, in this case Paul, the company president. What do you think?

“Comprehensive energy and operational savings across a broad portfolio of buildings requires a multifaceted approach. We have selected best-in-class technology with Tridium’s Niagara Framework and SkyFoundry’s SkySpark analytics platform. These technologies, coupled with ESI’s experience in building systems integration, analytics and building operations across large real estate portfolios, is a perfect fit for the IBM solution and the GSA vision. This is a world-class team and a scalable model that can be replicated for other building owners with both large and small building portfolios.”

Who talks like this? It’s no surprise that most quotes from leadership are pre-written, but they should at least reflect the personality of the person a little bit. This quote clearly does not. It’s filled with buzz words and overused jargon, while squeezing in just about every SEO word possible.

The original intent of a leadership quote is to add credibility to the person and the organization – but the way this is written really does just the opposite. Paul’s quote isn’t believable, and unfortunately for him, his words aren’t likely to get printed.

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