Video Tip: Solving the Jump Cut

Video Tip: Solving the Jump Cut

I’m excited because I recently discovered a new video editing feature that was added to Adobe Premiere Pro CC back in 2015. This feature addresses a hugely annoying issue, one that I’ve run into countless times, the jump cut. A jump cut is any time you splice together an otherwise sequential shot, so that the subject jumps or shifts from one frame to the next. Sometimes this effect is desired, but more often then not you’re forced into it. But no more! Thanks to the Adobe Premier Pro Morph Cut function, that comes preloaded in your transitions menu, you can now save yourself a headache.


Often you will have an interview, where the subject will stumble, stutter, excessively use “umm” or “like”, add awkward pauses or other fillers, that must be cut out. Prior to the Morph Cut function, you’d have to shove b-roll where it doesn’t belong to cover up the jumps or reframe the cut (zoom in from one frame to the next) so that it appears you are switching between cameras. Unless of course, you’re afforded the luxury of having multiple angles to choose from. If all else fails, you could try to apply a cross dissolve transition to smooth it out a bit, which can make matters worse.


As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to learn I had Morph Cut sitting right under my nose for the better part of a year. Morph Cut uses facial recognition technology to interpolate the missing pixels of a subject and their background between any two frames, giving you a smooth transition. What I find really cool, is that there are entire software programs dedicated to just this function and Adobe has it built in.


I’m not a diehard Adobe fan, but it’s insanely convenient to have this tool at my finger tips. Since I’m designing for multiple mediums, not just video, the Adobe suite is my only all-in-one option. I’ve watched some comparisons and it seems that Morph Cut holds up fairly well. While some competing software was slightly better, having the function built into Adobe Premiere Pro is simply more convenient.


There can be some weird results with Morph Cut if you abuse it. If the subject’s shift between frames is too big or there are shifting elements in the background, you can end up with an eerily unnatural look.


So there you have it, the reason I’m excited about Morph Cut. I’ve seen a lot of DIY video producers and personalities on YouTube, Vine etc., who have embraced the jump cut. I will say it can add a certain style and charm to a video, but that’s not an option in a professional video. So thank you Adobe on a job well done.

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