Building Brand Ambassadors from the Inside Out

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What does your company stand for? More importantly, if you asked your employees that question, what kind of answers do you think you’d get? How different would those answers would be? A 2016 Gallup survey found that only 22% of employees felt that leadership had a clear direction for their company, and even fewer thought that their company communicates effectively with its employees.

You spend a lot of time creating marketing campaigns for your customers, but how much time do you spend creating inward facing marketing to help your employees become ambassadors for your company and brand?  Your employees are an important audience; maybe your most important. To build strong and meaningful connections, it’s equally important to find a sustainable approach to communicating them.

So how do you do this? The first thing is to look at your current communications. If it’s mostly administrative communication, employees will eventually tune out. You also need to communicate things that are creative, fun, unexpected and even inspiring.

Think about the magic ingredient that makes your company special and define it for everyone. Talk about your company’s purpose, your ambitions and the behaviors that are important to your team of employees. Then:

  • Let your people know how you’re performing as a company
  • Be transparent with your goals and objectives
  • Share your wins
  • Talk about your company culture


If you have the capacity, consider a few more in-depth tactics:

  • Integrating video
  • Launching an internal social network
  • Including opportunities for peer to peer communication
  • Increasing engagement through gamification


Try to share information that will surprise and delight your employees, and create experiences they can be a part of. If the communication you deliver has perceived value, you’ll begin to build real emotional connections; trust in leadership will go up, and your employees will be better armed to become stronger and smarter ambassadors for your brand or company.


Erin Christman

Erin’s left brain and right brain balance out nicely: while her creative side is thinking of new ideas, her rational side is assessing those ideas against our clients’ goals. With a background in market research, she geeks out over focus groups, survey design and demographic data. She relishes taking complex subjects and translating them in to clear, accessible language—a skill that’s invaluable to our many highly-specialized clients. Whether it’s a white paper, web content or a standard press release, she takes the time to get it right.