Case Study: Brand Identity for a Misunderstood Industry

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Pest control: It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And when that somebody needs marketing help, they often turn to us.

Because of our work with the pest management industry, we work a lot with Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE), the national association representing the specialty pesticide and fertilizer industries.

When RISE put out a call for submissions for a fresh new logo, we jumped at the opportunity.

Challenge accepted!

RISE Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment

After 25 years in existence, their original logo was no longer approachable to their audience. It also didn’t visually represent the industry’s work.

The rise of the internet and social media has meant that in addition to its work in the regulatory and legislative spheres, RISE is increasingly focused on addressing the concerns of consumers and families. RISE’s members are dedicated to maintaining healthy and safe green spaces; the logo needed to communicate this commitment to the public.

Looking to the horizon

The design our creative team developed gives a jolt to a long-established name. Although RISE is an acronym, we wanted to draw attention to the inspirational aspect of the word itself. The wordmark we designed uses a vibrant color palette and more modern typography. Reinforcing all this is a simple, bold horizon to represent the many settings pesticides protect from pathogens and invasive species.

Set for growth

RISE launched the new logo in spring 2017. You’ll find it featured prominently on their website, social media channels, print collateral and more. The refreshed logo both recognizes RISE’s history and growth, and represents what the association is working to exemplify in the future.

Erin Christman

Erin’s left brain and right brain balance out nicely: while her creative side is thinking of new ideas, her rational side is assessing those ideas against our clients’ goals. With a background in market research, she geeks out over focus groups, survey design and demographic data. She relishes taking complex subjects and translating them in to clear, accessible language—a skill that’s invaluable to our many highly-specialized clients. Whether it’s a white paper, web content or a standard press release, she takes the time to get it right.