Have You Checked Your Lists Lately?

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Prospect lists. Sales Leads. Whatever you call them, most businesses have them and it’s important to keep them up-to-date and as accurate as possible if you want your marketing materials to reach their intended targets. Whether you’ve purchased your prospect list(s) or hand-picked your prospects these lists have a tendency to become less accurate over time, so stay on top of them.

Show me the Leads

The first thing I do when I’m working with a new list is to make sure that things are spelled correctly and that addresses, emails, etc. are as accurate as possible. We’ve all gotten that bulk mailer at home with our name completely butchered, right? Don’t do that to your prospects. Show them that you care enough to spell their name correctly!

But merely getting things spelled correctly isn’t enough. Take some time to see what your prospects have been up to lately. Businesses relocate, merge, expand, individuals change jobs, receive promotions, retire, take on a married name, etc. Update your list(s) to reflect these changes.

If a change is recent and depending upon your familiarity with the prospect it might be appropriate to send a congratulatory note. This thoughtful act might just be enough to move your business to the top of their buying list.

Maybe you have thousands of names on your list and find this to be completely daunting. Consider assigning this task to your administrative team or an intern; try devoting 30 minutes a day to this research or hiring some summer help.

However you decide to go about it, get started! The world is constantly changing and your lists should too. Making these lists as current and accurate as possible will ensure that your marketing materials get seen by the right people which should lead to many happy sales.