Cost-effectively upgrading email marketing with video

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When Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery first came to us as a client, we helped them refine their brand and focus their sales messaging. Since then, we’ve continued to be their go-to marketing marketing team for email campaigns, trade show banners, and everything in-between.

Last year, one of Spee-Dee’s marketing goals was to to make a bigger splash with its e-mail marketing. They wanted to drive more traffic to their website…but without the big price tag.Spee-Dee Video E-blast

The use of video in email can triple the average click-through rate and reduce unsubscribe rates by up to 75%. So we helped Spee-Dee refresh their email marketing by integrating short video clips into the e-blasts. A mix of existing and new content, the videos emphasized Spee-Dee’s main selling points: reduced downtime, increased line speeds and improved product fill accuracy.


The average open rate for the four eblasts, sent over the first six months of 2016, beat the manufacturing industry average, 22.08% to 23.61%. But what really made the campaign a success was a click-through rate that was 10 times the industry average.