The Power of Print Explodes When It’s “Flipped”

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For years, people have been saying, “print is dead.” Now I’m hearing that print, in the form of custom print magazines, is a rising trend. I love print, so I welcomed this news with open arms. However, custom print can cost an arm and a leg (so there goes one of my open arms). So, what’s a print enthusiast to do?

What if I told you there’s a way to give your customers the rich experience of a traditional print magazine, but with the convenience and cost savings of a digital application? What if your print catalog and your website had a baby? Welcome to the wonderful world of flipbooks and the exciting ecosphere of e-catalogs.

Humans are visual creatures. 93% of all human communication is visual. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Pages with images and videos draw an average of 94% more views than text only counterparts. I’m sure this information comes as no surprise, but it highlights the fact that visual marketing isn’t just a trend: it’s become the heart of how we connect with our customers.

Many companies have been presenting digital versions of their catalogs on their websites for years. But today, there are several online editing and publishing tools that allow you to easily transform simple PDFs into interactive digital magazines, catalogs and brochures.

Flipsnack, Issuu, FlippingBook, Joomag and Yumpu are a few of these digital publishing services. They all offer a variety of plans with pricing and services to suit your specific needs and requirements.

In creating your flipbook or e-catalog, you need to think about how to incorporate one or more calls to action. This will help pull readers in further. Include links that invite them to take part in a survey, download a coupon, or simply visit your website.

Then it’s time publish. Your catalog can–and should–be easily integrated into your existing communications tactics. Send an email newsletter that links to your flipbook/e-catalog. Highlight a new product or promotion by integrating it into your website. Paste the direct link on your social media platforms and announce it to your followers.

Creating a quality flipbook or e-catalogs can help you generate high-quality leads for high-volume sales. When you make it easy for customers to explore your brand, you create a more positive and powerful customer experience.