You Can’t Build A Solid Marketing Plan on Shaky Internal Communications

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Have you heard from your employees lately? Have they heard from you? Your internal communications strategy—or lack of—reverberates through your entire company.


The right information.

Too much information and your employees will give up trying to figure out what’s important and ignore it all. Too little forces them to fill in the blanks—rightly or wrongly—on their own.


The right channel.

Tailor the channel you’re using to the importance of the information.


Make it useful.

Give your team a call to action, whether it’s just offering congratulation on a promotion or making sure new regulations are being met.


Make it a Conversation.

Your team will be more likely to bring up problems or offer improvements if they feel they have a part in where the company is headed. Employees will follow the example that leadership sets when it comes to knowledge sharing, transparency, and engagement.


Make it stick.

No matter how effectively communicated, information is inevitably buried—or worse, erased—by time and staff turnover. Keep the important stuff top-of-mind is an integral component of a good internal communications plan.


Even if you’re busy launching a new marketing campaign, there’s no excuse for ignoring the health of your internal communications. After all, your employees are some of your best brand advocates.