Magic Marketing Words

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Have you ever found yourself frustrated at how often the same words keep popping up as you read about a company or industry? It seems like marketers produce intellectual property and position every client (themselves included) as innovative, entrepreneurial, experts, and millennial. Does this even make sense? Can it be that every single company is the leader in their industry?

You’ve probably seen countless lists suggesting that if you “use these magic marketing words!” your marketing efforts will suddenly capture more attention. If you’ve been looking for trending words/phrases, then you’ve also seen those lists of words that must be avoided at all costs; those that tend to repel people from your messaging.

As marketers, we pride ourselves on finding and growing that perfect balance of creativity with profit building for our clients. And a big part of that is writing content for them.
So how do we use words within a piece of writing to show the world how great a client is while strategically positioning them as key players in their industries—without relying on the same words/phrases everyone else is?


The Right Words

B2B marketers in particular understand that word choice is crucial. Crafting a professional appearance that a company is cutting edge and developing innovative products is a part of the status quo. It’s expected; demanded even. The result is that these words no longer have the impact they once did.

With so many word choices, why are words like innovation overused, when we could also say: unveil, pioneer, kick off or Avant-guard? Well, that’s the trick isn’t it? Not every word is best suited for describing a company or its products, which is why marketers end up choosing similar words and phrases.

The real challenge is creating engaging content with great word choices that make a company stand out—not because they are innovative, thought leaders or cutting edge, but because the content about them is truly engaging.



People want honesty more than they want clever words and phrases. All companies have a story, and it’s your job as a marketer to figure out how to tell that story by writing content people want to read.

You’re not going to find the magic word(s) hidden somewhere in the pages of a thesaurus, nor will a trending list of the top 20 hottest marketing words to use or avoid make your job easier. To truly make your client stand out in their industry, you need to figure out what it is that makes them special, and then tell the rest of us why.

There’s no magic word that can do this. It’s not really even about the words to be honest.
It’s what people take away from it that matters.

Your challenge is to write compelling and engaging content while remaining professional and positioned as the best solution for clients who have very specific problems.

This is actually a good thing for us B2B marketers; good for encouraging us to work hard and deliver results that matter. We understand that working within defined boundaries actually breeds more creativity and innovative thinking than none at all.