Making Marketing an Experience

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For some of us, watching our favorite team score a touchdown is already filled with excitement. But as Ad Age recently noted, Bud Light’s light-up NFL beer glasses are engaging fans on another level. Debuted at the NFL season opener between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, the cups used an in-stadium radio frequency to light up whenever the Patriots completed a touchdown. Bud Light is also selling other team version of the glasses on their website that light up with the use of an app.

Typical sponsorships have their place, but when companies are looking for something outside the box, this one scores on several levels – it’s unique, giving fans another reason to celebrate a touchdown and share the experience. It’s that interactive aspect that we try to emulate when planning B2B events for clients like Liphatech, which manufactures rodenticides.

Liphatech Rat Race 2016

Attendees at the  Elevate Your Effectiveness seminar (coincidentally also taking place on the Patriot’s home turf) not only got to feel like part of the Liphatech team but got a taste of what it’s like to be an NFL insider. At last year’s PestWorld, pest management professionals visiting the Liphatech booth could bet on “Rat Race 2016” to win a prize.

Seeing customers turn into fans is one of the best parts of my job. We often overlook the human element in B2B marketing, but it can provide real value to your brand and your marketing efforts.

Karen Enriquez-Wagner

Bridging the gap between client objectives and marketing goals, Karen is the keystone keeping it all together. Her hands on, personal approach is highly valued by both clients and us here at LePoidevin alike. Karen is skilled at strategic planning and budget management, taking great pleasure in helping clients create marketing programs that don’t just fit their needs, but enhance their growth. No matter what challenges she faces, Karen is talented at working one-on-one with individuals, helping them to define and then execute their marketing and communications programs with engaging and graceful solutions.