What Marketers Do.

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Oh, you mean advertisers? Those people who create eye-catching ads, classic TV commercials, catchy slogans and viral videos–that may or may not affect my sales?

No, I mean marketers.

Marketing is much more than advertising, so why do people think that’s all we do? Effective marketers do much more than that. We place ourselves in the shoes of the CEO, the outside sales team and the customer. Always thinking about each perspective, how messages are perceived and how we can ultimately reach the end goal: the sale. The completed transaction, the one that propels profits and continues business growth.

Too often, we marketers are neglected from the meetings with key decision makers. Instead, we’re given a budget and marching orders: “You have X dollars for print ads, Y dollars for social media, and Z dollars for email.”


Last night I went to dinner with my boyfriend to meet with two of his sales managers for the first time. I was telling these gentlemen a few things I was responsible for in my marketing position. Then my boyfriend chimed in:

“She is really good at her job–she actually understands the sales cycle and how marketing and sales work hand-in-hand.”

Suddenly, the dynamic of the conversation changed, and my profession was taken a little more seriously. Is this really how corporate views us? Someone who ignores business 101 and the importance of the sales cycle?

We marketers love being creative, developing content and creating flashy websites. But what really gets us excited is developing strategies that will directly impact your business. Before deciding on what you think your marketing program needs in your next fiscal, invite us to a discussion.