Marketing to Millennials: 5 Tips to Captivating Fascination

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There is a saying in Taoism: “The shape changes, but not the form.”

Marketing to millennials is challenging, but in no way impossible. Many companies have already found success—and even significant growth—because they were able to connect with this up and coming market. Millennials may be youthful, but they are still people with hopes, desires and dreams. They want to interact with you. They want to customize your products. They will do their research and they will hold you accountable.

New B2B marketing strategies will hinge upon understanding millennials and then capturing their attention. The playing field is different, but the game is still familiar. In our previous post, we explained that fascinating millennials is the key to winning their loyalty. Here are 5 tried and true facts that will help your company fascinate them:

Engage Them
You’re going to have to engage them on their own terms. They love technology and social media platforms more than you may realize. This isn’t a fad to them—this is how they view, understand and interact with the world. B2B brands, in particular, have lagged behind with this. If your company is not on social media, mobile friendly, easy to use, highly customizable and available on many platforms, you’re going to have a hard time keeping them around. A company must understand its target audience, and then engage them on the social platforms that they use. This is the ideal engagement method. They’re already using it and always interested in new ways to interact.

Listen, Really Listen
To truly engage and get millennials fascinated with your brand, talk with them directly. Ask them about what they want, then truly listen to their feedback. Don’t assume, don’t brush them off, and whatever you do, don’t do the opposite. Try to give them what they want; or at least provide them with the tools they need to make what they want—get them excited about your product/brand and they’ll do most of the work for you. Don’t be afraid to let them be creative with your product/brand. You’d be surprised what can evolve by giving them the tools to play on your platform.

Honesty = Trust = Loyalty
They’re going to research your brand—a lot— before they commit to anything. Encourage this and help them by allowing transparency. Keep in mind, millennials are as a whole, a very untrusting generation. They know the dangers of the internet and grew up in a society where the media peddles fear mongering by the fistful. Everyone makes mistakes; if your company is facing heat for a mistake, admit it publicly (the sooner the better), amend the problem (quickly!) and you’ll win their loyalty over other brands. They can smell insincerity from a mile away. If you manage to dupe them now, they will eventually find out. Disruption isn’t pretty, and you don’t want to be at the front of that storm.

Be a Hero
Overall, millennials believe in the saving the environment, fair employment, social, gender and racial rights. They know the state of the world they are inheriting and they witnessed the results of major corporations, banks, and politicians systematically destroy the economy, environment, and societal unity. Millennials don’t just care about where their products come from, but how they’re made and what your company is doing to have a positive influence on the environment and people’s lives. They want to know that you’re doing your part to build a better world; prove it and they’ll support you.

Hire Them
While this is rather obvious—inevitable really—the trend of hiring millennials is only now catching on. At this stage in their lives, millennials have more debt and fewer assets than their parents or grandparents did. It’s not because they are lazy or incapable—two economic crashes and obscene university tuition has seen to that. They aren’t unaware of this fact either. Being the most educated generation yet, they want to work, and by hiring them, you’ll be bringing their understanding, creativity, and passion into the fold of your company’s marketing designs.

Millennials & B2B Marketing
You can’t buy their loyalty. Nor can you trick them or win them over with cheap gimmicks and false promises. If you want your brand to succeed in this emerging and evolving market, you’ll need to understand what drives their fascination. Winning them over isn’t so bad. Follow these 5 tips, and you’ll discover a fiercely loyal fan base.