Must. Love. Advertising.

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B2B Advertising and Marketing
From time to time, I keep hearing from some people how difficult it is for them to invest dollars into advertising. And sadly, sometimes advertising doesn’t even make the cut. As advertising professionals, we get challenged with comments or questions such as: “I can save money if I don’t advertise” or “Why should I bother advertising?” YIKES!
First, we know advertising alone is not going to gain you market share or sell your product. Instead, advertising should work in tandem with other marketing initiatives.
Here are a few quick reasons why you shouldn’t bypass advertising:

Awareness – Advertising is well-suited for helping you gain awareness. It makes you visible. If your target audience does not know about your products and services, how are you going to sell anything? At the heart of the sales cycle, where it all begins is AWARENESS. Without proper awareness, you may not even make someone’s top company or products to review…goodbye consideration list!

Control – I like how Janet Jackson put it “This is a story about control. My control. Control of what I say. Control of what I do.” In the case of advertising, it’s about you controlling the message, content, creative and even the medium of where your advertising appears; or more importantly, where you can reach your audience.

Connections – Advertising allows you to engage with your audience by getting them through the following phases of the sales funnel: Interest, Desire and Action. If done properly, your advertising should gain their interest so they seek out the information they desire. Through these touch points, your audience gets to experience your brand. It’s an opportunity to create a two-way communication that not just goes to your website perhaps, but can further grow via other outlets; even social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Perception – There’s sometimes that perception that when you’re visible, your company must be doing well. And just opposite, there could be a misperception that for example, if your company doesn’t participate at a tradeshow, that maybe things aren’t going so well – conspicuous by your absence.

In the end, depending what your marketing goals and objectives are, it’s important to consider the role and value that each communications medium brings to the table. I challenge you to evaluate how advertising can help your company. Who knows, maybe you’ll realize how much you love advertising, too.