Product Launch: Not Afraid to Go Big

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We’ve been helping Liphatech position themselves as “The Soft Bait Innovators”  since their first soft bait rodenticide launch in 2010.

With FirstStrike, Liphatech’s first soft bait, the challenge was to introduce pest management professionals (PMPs) to a new type of bait. by the time they introduced Resolv in 2014, PMPs were familiar with soft bait. That meant marketing could focus more on product benefits, not education.

Two years later, however, the launch of Liphatech’s third soft bait brought new challenges. In addition to not biting (pun intended) into the market share of Liphatech’s other products, it also had to fight off competition. Other companies were getting in on the soft bait market.

Baiting the trap

In highly-regulated markets like pest management or pharmaceuticals, a solid brand is a must. Similar product formulations and restrictions on allowable marketing statements make differentiation hard without one. Despite palatability being a key selling point of soft bait, PMP trade publications were already full of rats-eating-bait imagery. We would need a different plan of attack for FirstStrike. Luckily, Liphatech’s bold “rock ‘n roll” persona and FirstStrike’s active ingredient gave us some direction.

Ratzilla poster

Unlike Liphatech’s other soft baits and those of their competitors, FirstStrike’s active ingredient was an acute neurotoxin. That meant it could take on big infestations faster. So we went big. “Ratzilla” was a visual way of showing that Liphatech understood the enormity of the challenges PMPs faced in the field. And they had a product strong enough meet them.

Seeing results

Ratzilla arrived at PestWorld 2016, towering over the Liphatech booth and stomping through the pages of pest management trade publications. Once it had the attention of PMPs—an audience that tends to be wary of change—a rebate offer provided another incentive they needed to try this new premium product.

Together with FirstStrike, Resolv and TakeDown were positioned as the full arsenal PMPs needed to take on any challenge they encountered on their daily rounds. Not afraid to go big kept Liphatech the market leader in soft bait.