Being a Rebel Brand is Hard Work

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When it comes to building your brand and making sure it resonates with your target audience, very few would advise adopting the mantra of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” But for hair band rockers Twisted Sister, this became not only their battle cry but a theme for the ages. I recently ran across an article in Entrepreneur magazine, 5 Blasts of Rockin’ Business Wisdom from Twisted Sister on how the band has kept the heavy metal weight of their brand balanced squarely on the denim and leather shoulders of generations of fans.

One of the biggest hair bands of the 80s and beyond spent most of the 70s playing four gigs a night, six nights a week in the bars and venues of suburban New York. When American record labels wouldn’t give them a  deal, they sent their singles to the UK and built up a fan base of influential musicians and critics there. And once they did hit in big in the U.S., they never stopped improving the live shows that had made them so many fans. There’s much more in the article: it’s a fascinating read that’ll give a whole new meaning to the phrase “rock on!”

Gregg Kerttula

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