Summer Doldrums

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If you’re like me, the mid-summer period can be challenging in business. Client and staff vacations, warm weather & abundant sunshine, and a general “I’d rather be doing something outside” mentality all compete for your attention and get in the way of getting things done.

What’s a business professional to do?


I have found that mid-summer business planning helps fill the void. While many of us set aside time in the fall to plan for the coming year, others know that with just short of six months left in the year, there is plenty to plan for and accomplish.

Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Take a look at your yearly business and sales goals and decide if you’re on track to reach them. If not, it’s time to review your year-to-date tactics, learn from any successes or shortfalls and devise new strategies.


    1. If on track to meet your goals, resist the urge to coast into next year. This is your opportunity to beat those projections and demonstrate to your supervisor — or yourself — that you’re the right person for the job.


    1. Reevaluate your team members, direct reports or employees. Have you successfully identified their individual and collective strengths, and what is your plan for improving performance in the coming months? One-on-one discussions and counseling, or enrolling them in outside courses can help advance their skillset or uncover and expand hidden talents.


    1. Are there outside information sources, industry shows, seminars, training sessions or other events that promise to keep you abreast of the latest business strategies, or can help you prepare for a particular challenge? If so, make your case now for attendance.


  1. It’s also time to recharge; so do set aside some time to relax after work and on the weekends. Dive into a favorite hobby, shave a few strokes off your golf game or take that much-deserved vacation. You’ve earned it.