Our Unique Approach to Packaging Media Tours

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Thousands of products are launched in the B2B market every year. Unfortunately, many of them fall short of sales expectations because they didn’t generate enough awareness and excitement. One of the most tried-and-true methods to do this is through media tours.

The trade press is an inquisitive group. They want to learn about new technologies and trends that are shaping their industry. Letting editors hold it, see it in action and talk to the engineers that designed it makes your product as interesting to them as it is to you.

On the road

Normally, a media tour invites editors and reporters from B2B publications to your facility. We’d helped Dorner Manufacturing hold successful media tours before, but when they launched the 1100 Series, we decided to flip the traditional media tour on its head. The 1100 Series was a miniature conveyor perfect for the pharmaceutical, medical and life science industries. Since part of the appeal of the 1100 Series was its ability to fit into small spaces, why not take it on the road?

Editors and reporters are stretched thin and don’t have a lot of time to devote to press events. Even if a product truly warrants it, time and budget constraints may limit their ability to attend media tours or press conferences. Instead of inviting editors to Dorner, we decided to bring Dorner to them. We packed up the 1100 Series model and visited four key material handling publications: Design World, Machine Design, New Equipment Digest and Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.

Gaining traction

Media tours do more than just getting the word out. Having reviews of your product appear in leading industry outlets provides valuable third-party credibility. That makes them a great tool for your sales force.

Trade editors and reporters are also sophisticated users of social media. During your media tour, you can expect editors and reporters to be snapping, posting and tweeting to their followers. That’s added exposure for your company and your product.

Most importantly, a media tour will build a foundation for lasting professional relationships between your team and the trade press. No coverage now may still lead to additional coverage down the road. Six months from now, when an attending editor is working on another story about material handling, you’ll already be on their mind when they need additional content.

Dorner Machine Design

Destination: Results

Since the editors we visited on the 1100 Series road trip had attended Dorner’s previous media tours, they welcomed our visit, and appreciated the effort we took to demonstrate the conveyor’s capabilities in person. Dorner was rewarded with several placements, including Machine Design and a five-page spread in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.