Listening to the needs of the many

Listening to the needs of the many

The latest Fast Company selected their 100 Most Creative People of 2012.  The list is a conglomeration of diversity – everyone from the CEO of JCPenney to a molecular animator to entertainers like Cee Lo Green and Bjork. It’s interesting to see who made the list and why – but my initial interest stemmed from a specific link to the article sent by my husband.

Number 72 lists Jared Leto – the front man for the band 30 Seconds to Mars. Making his debut as a teen heartthrob on the short-lived show My So Called Life, he went on to become a rockstar but is known in the industry for his creativity and ingenuity.

Besides having a colossal crush on him (even when he debuted his pink mohawk phase at a Milwaukee concert where I had a fourth-row seats) which actually prompted the initial email, I’m  more amazed at how he listens to his audience  and answers their needs, even catering his projects accordingly.

His band once invited fans to submit photos of themselves for a chance to be on the band’s next album cover; it yielded 2,000 different fan covers. Leto realized, “I’d prefer 1,000 followers, friends, and fans that actually meant something, rather than 10 million that weren’t engaged.” So, he launched: The Hive, which runs social-media management and digital marketing for his band and others such as Jessie J and Semi Precious Weapons.

Bottom line: listen to your audience, understand how they need to engage with your product or service and be creative in how you answer that need. It really is that basic.

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