Make it Personal

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Make it Personal

It’s the holiday season and the countdown has begun. From parties, dinners, open houses and any other type of get-togethers, companies are taking advantage of the season’s good tidings to strengthen relationships with their employees, partners, associates and friends.

This is an excellent opportunity to take small steps to make things personal in a big way. For example:

  • Recently, I received an email invitation to a client’s holiday open house. While the email could have gone out via their email software program, my client took the extra step to send the invitation with a personalized note. That little note, made me feel “special.”
  • I also received a holiday card from a client. No computerized label on the outside. Instead, an actual, hand-written name and address. And inside the card, a personalized note to me and the team. Once again, the extra effort left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

These are two simple, yet effective ways that help make your communications efforts go the extra step and in the end, continues to help strengthen your professional relationships. By making the recipient feel special, it will help make your client’s holidays that much more memorable.

So, what have you and your company done this holiday season to make those relationships feel special?

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